Peerless Irath, the greatest empire Kathar has ever birthed, a jewel known across the far-flung Planes, is dead and gone. Its countless wonders lie broken and burned.

Decadant Irath, the corrupt and bloated empire, has been buried alongside its pantheon of gods for over a century.

Arrogant Irath, whose Priest-Kings were held up by divine decree and powerful extraplanar aid, thought that they had no enemies who could challenge them. They were wrong.

The world now moves at the whims of the Sovereigns. Irath pushed back all wild and uncivilized lands. Purified and pacified all that wouldn’t accept the rule of the myriad gods that the Priest-Kings served. With little room left in the world for the dragons, a dozen of the most ancient and powerful of their number pushed back. Somehow the Dragon Sovereigns not only laid the Priest-Kings low with force, subversion and trickery, but they struck at the distant gods themselves. Without divine intervention to save Irath, the dozen Sovereigns were free to carve up most of Kathar into domains to suit them.

The recovery from the wars and purges that broke Irath hadn’t finished when a new threat arose. Two decades ago hordes of demonic creatures swarmed from the long-disabled portals that once brought the extraplanar servants of Irath’s distant gods to the world to enforce the Priest-Kings’ authority. The mortal followers of the Sovereigns, in the form of great armies, took the brunt of this attack while desperate actions were taken to reclose the portals and discover the cause of the attack.

Kathar survived. The portals are nearly all shattered or sealed. Those that sought to take advantage of the chaos have been chastised, but all is not yet well. Countless demons still roam the land, unchecked by broken armies. Younger dragons nip at the edges of the territories of the great Sovereigns. The ancient nations untouched by the demons eye their wounded nations and ponder.

The hold of the dragon Sovereigns grows tenuous. In desperation the Sovereigns have turned more heavily to their mortal followers. In many ways the fight against the demonic forces was turned toward victory by a very few. Knightly orders have been created, gathering the very best of the mortal flock, to try to encourage history to repeat itself.

Character Creation and Houserules

Character Creation:
  • Instead of receiving +2 to two stats for a race, choose one of the +2’s available, then take +2 to any other stat. Humans recieve +2 to any two stats, instead of one. ie. A dwarf normally receives +2 wis, +2 con. Instead you may take +2 con and +2 charisma, for example.
  • You get the feat Weapon Expertise or Implement Expertise for free at 1st level.
  • Paragon Defenses is free at 11th. Epic Defenses is free at 21st. No paying feats for patches.

  • When a creature of at least medium size drops, its corpse creates a square of difficult terrain.
  • Items that give flat +dmg are gone. Luke hate items that everyone NEEDS to take.

Small Gods