An Irathan province named after the goddess Althe that has long resided there, Althea is a blessed nation. Soaring mountains in the west give way to sweet-smelling orchards and rolling farmlands on the shores of a lake of glimmering blue water.

Althea is the breadbasket of the East. The lands under the influence of Althe bloom with life and health. Its people live long and fruitful lives. The glowing Lake of Fallen Stars, which hosts Althe’s high temple upon an island in the center, provides Althea with wealth beyond that from its crops. Upon the shores of the lake grow formations of magical crystals, which when harvested can be converted into substances that heal and prolong life.

The ease of life in Althea has led them to become a rather mild and thoughtful people. Lingering winters and land that nearly farms itself means that even in the furthest rural setting one is likely to find the stones of simple country walls around a field carved with elaborate reliefs, or a carefully landscaped series of terraces and neat buildings where in other countries there would be a rude pig pen half-collapsing on the side of a hill. The people of Althea might not be as tenacious as those in Cetheron, as zealous as those in the Silverlands, as industrious as those in Arak’Shar or as cosmopolitan as those in Felarri, but they’re likely to be the happiest of the whole lot.

That being said, life isn’t perfect even in the Blessed Land. Demons still roam the lands in greater numbers than in other nations. They seem to avoid coming near the shores of Althe’s lake, but the intelligences that control these scattered packs seem to delight in defiling the rest of the country. The armies of Althea are less tattered than in other Sovereign nation, despite perhaps being the hardest hit militarily from the demons two decades previous. Unlike most the armies of Althea have never excluded women from their ranks, so rebuilding the forces and replenishing the population was a far easier affair. However, most of Althea’s spare forces go toward holding back The Rot, or holding the mountain passes that keep the tenebrous evils that seep out of it from reaching the lands to the east.

The other concern for Althea is the seclusion of their Sovereign. The decidedly benevolent silver dragon that the people call Lilliana has claimed to have her fill of rulership. For decades she’s been grooming heirs to watch over her holdings for her. It would have worked out well enough if they hadn’t been slain by agents of Dis during the Invasion. Only two heirs remained after that, Davarian and Kharn. The former, the eldest remaining son, was a full-blooded silver dragon cared for little beyond crafting increasingly intricate works of art. The latter was a simple general with no desire for a crown, and the handicap of a human father. A half-dragon, no matter how respected, would not be accepted among the ranks of the Sovereigns. Political considerations, at least, made Davarian the only real choice. He still seems to have little aptitude or interest in directing a country, and the nation has suffered for it. Power has crept increasingly into the hands of the Sovereign’s vassals and into the functionaries of the court. Conflicting interests and squabbling has hampered the nation with indecisiveness. None of the factions and personalities in the country can ever seem to scrape and claw together enough influence to actually solve the issues that Althea faces.

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