The Rot

The Rot. The Shade. The Gloom. The Stygian Cloud. Each of those increasingly flowery names are used to describe the same thing; a horrid cancer eating away at the East. The single portal still vomitting demons and other evils into the Sovereign’s world.

The Rot appears as an inky black fogbank from the outside, one that spreads almost imperceptibly slow. Inside, however, the land it has consumed appears almost to be in another world. Perpetual night shrouds the swallowed Felar towns, lit only by a moon that seems to be a watching, baleful eye. What little still lives within its confines is twisted beyond recognition. The people caught by the initial appearance of The Rot still lie in the streets, dead but unresting, untouched by time or the decay that comes over all else alive that enters the cloud.

Shadowy creatures pour from the darkness in all directions, pouring down into the tunnels of the dark elves under Felarri, laying siege to the towns on its surface and migrating east toward Althea and the countless dragon territories in the Drakelands. The shadow demons themselves retreat from the light of day, only to return in force each night. However, the twisted life from the fringes of the cloud remains even in the brightest sun, ensuring that there’s no respite or perfect safety even during those times.

There is some small hope, however. The Rot and the horrors it spawns seem to be intrinsically linked. Each time one of shadow demons is destroyed The Rot is diminished. The effect is usually subtle. A great slaughter of the shadows, or the destruction of one of the powerful shadow-touched demon lords in the deepes reaches, where an unprotected man can decay away to bones in seconds, is needed to show visible results. Felarri and Althea launch occasional purges in the surrounding lands and less poisonous outer reaches of the clouds to keep its growth in check, literally battling for inches. A glance at any modern map versus one made a decade or two ago is enough to speak to it being a rather uphill battle. Each year The Rot consumes countless square miles of wilderness and grows larger.

The Rot

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