The Silverlands

Now more commonly known as The Havens, the Irathan province called The Silverlands was once nearly uninhabited. The Sovereign Kolanterrus, the Iron Serpent, claimed the empty and unspoiled place as his following the destruction of Irath, much to the surprise of his compatriots. They readily agreed, of course, happy to have more populated lands to split between themselves. Now, the former Silverlands are seeing far more activity than the occasional silver mining town or ore caravan.

The Silverlands is hardly a place of bustling, crowded cities, however. Instead the Iron Serpent put out a call to other souls like himself, who prefer to be withdrawn from the frenzied activity of the rest of society. What came of it is The Havens themselves. Dozens of scattered self-contained communities, academies, monasteries and towers, each wildly different from the others.

Ask the peoples of other nations what the primary export of The Havens is, and you’ll likely recieve an answer that’s a variation of ‘Self-righteous Crusaders’. Though it’s an exaggeration there’s a kernal of truth. Zealous martial orders of monks or knights are certainly common enough. Perhaps expecting that the Sovereigns would be much like the Irathans, soon after the Empire’s fall, most of the previously underground and often militant alternative philosophies fled to the Havens. Thankfully most of them are essentially benevolent groups that formed as a counterpoint to the harsh realities of Irathan life. It’s only a few that get a bit.. carried away.

Perhaps the second most common kind of Haven takes the form of academies, retreats and towers for practitioners of the supernatural and their apprentices or followers. Schools teaching the control of sorcerous powers. Secluded circles of warlocks calling out into the planes for power. Libraries of arcane lore. Academies delving into the powers of the mind. All these and far more can be found nestled in the otherwise untouched wilds north of Cetheron, rarely with even so much as a road leading to them.

The only real ‘city’ in The Silverlands is Marenfel in the southeast of the domain. A settlement now grows around a former Irathan citadel built to watch the northerneastern coast of the continent. Said citadel has been taken by the Iron Serpent as his lair, though one is likely to find his kobold servitors, the monks of the Path of Steel or the Knights Ferrous when visiting than the Sovereign himself. It’s said that the Serpent spends most of his time patrolling his domain and visiting the various Havens. If that’s the case, he’s likely to be the only one who knows the location of all of the scattered and often hidden settlements.

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The Silverlands

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